Cubans on hunger strike at the UN demand to address the situation on the island



New York, Aug 30 (EFE News) .- Three Cubans have started a hunger strike in front of the headquarters of the United Nations (UN) in New York to demand the attention of the international community on “the grave” situation in his country, “of misery aggravated by covid-19”.

The activists Anisley Pérez, Niurka Primonio and Yamisderky Pelier traveled from the city of Miami to New York and since Saturday they began the strike, in which they only drink water to demand that the Cuban people’s call for help be answered.

“We are here so that the world knows what is happening,” Perez told Efe, accompanied by her two friends “and sisters in the cause for the liberation of Cuba.”

The women, who have painted the letters of aid “SOS” on their foreheads in red, hold papers that read “No more genocide”, “We demand two hospital ships for the coasts of Cuba” and “If it happens to me something, keep fighting for Cuba ”.

They have also painted the flag of Cuba on their cheeks and one of them shows red tears.

“We will be here until we are heard, sleeping on this hard floor and under the sky of the stars,” said Pérez, who, like her friends, has a family in Cuba. Although they say they are worried about their relatives, they assert that at this moment “our family is Cuba.”

On July 11, hundreds of Cubans took to the streets to protest against the Government of the Caribbean nation, which they blame for the shortage of food, basic products and medicines, as well as the proliferation of exclusive payment stores in inaccessible currencies. for part of the population and the usual power outages.

The Cuban women on hunger strike are asking the human rights rapporteurs for Cuba to be expelled from the UN Human Rights Council because “they have been raping them, keeping silent and committing genocide for 62 years.”

They also ask for hospital ships because “our Cubans are dying every second and on the island the hospitals are collapsing due to lack of medicine,” as well as humanitarian intervention for their country.

Cuba is facing an outbreak of covid-19 and is one of the most affected in the world at this time, according to data from its Ministry of Public Health.

The women indicated that emails have been sent to various delegations at the UN with a view that someone wants to raise the difficult situation the Caribbean country is going through.

“We are going to be here until they listen to us or put us in jail, but we need something to happen because while they determine what to do, our Cuba is dying,” said Pérez.

“I trust that God will touch your heart and I quote something that is written in stone right here: all nations have rights, and that is what the people of Cuba are asking for,” he said.


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