Culinary delights: Rainy season in Thailand: A bar in Bangkok becomes a hotspot

The rainy season prevails in Thailand in the summer and autumn months. The current floods are unusual even for the holiday country

It is the rainy season in Thailand – the mighty Chao Phraya River is also flooded. A creative restaurant owner – with a bar right on the bank – has made a virtue out of necessity: He simply leaves the wooden tables and chairs in the water and offers his guests feasting in the water bath.

The idea is currently the big hit in Nonthaburi – north of Bangkok. “We have 14 tables and are always fully occupied,” says Titiporn Jutimanon, head of the “Chaopraya Antique Cafe“, in conversation with the German Press Agency.

How did the idea come about? “A few days ago, when some customers were eating, the water suddenly rose. People didn’t care, they just kept eating,” said Jutimanon. Some took photos and videos of the bizarre scenario and posted them on social networks. “From then on it was a sure-fire success.”

Hardly any profit despite popularity

Since it is an old building, the structure suffers a lot from the masses of water. “We have to clean everything and repair damage every day so that our customers are kept clean and safe.” However, he does not make a profit because of the maintenance costs – despite the booming business. But the guests are enthusiastic about the ambience. “They just love it. And we like to serve them.”

Meanwhile, the situation changes almost every hour – also for customers. “At noon the water was up to our knees, in the evening up to our hips.” If the water rises higher than the tables, service must be suspended.

Floods are likely to subside again soon

Even if there are repeated floods in Thailand during the rainy season, the current situation is unusual, says Jutimanon. The whole thing is ultimately a natural disaster. “It is something that we accept and that we have to face. But we are lucky that, despite the crisis, our customers find their visit to us a pleasure.”

The water spectacle could soon come to an end, the local manager believes: the level of the Chao Phraya will probably have dropped in just a week – and people could eat with dry feet again. (dpa)

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