Cultivate positive emotions: joy, gratitude and appreciation

Cultivate positive emotions: joy, gratitude and appreciation

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Saturday, March 18, 2023 | 07:28

Mexico City.- It awakens empathetic joy, gratitude, appreciation and autonomy. Cultivate the ability to forgive others and yourself, actions that give meaning, enjoyment, connection and confidence. And naturally you will feel that positive emotions emerge.

“The majority of people start the year with purpose and good cheer, hoping that this year will be better. This serves because it helps people to honor the sense of autonomy, which is to establish goals and carry them out”, says Maite Valverde , master of mindfulness meditation.

“There is another aspect of life that you always have to contemplate and it is the constant change or impermanence. Living knowing that impermanence exists, allows you to reinvent yourself, enjoy the moments and the people, rediscover life”.

This is fascinating, according to the expert, always and when you learn to let go of the past and open yourself to the present as the only experience.

“One way to do this is to make yourself aware that every moment is an opportunity to honor the values ​​that are important to you, for example: freedom, joy, determination, honesty, satisfaction, connection, confidence, creativity and acceptance.

“Then you can live more freely, you know that the circumstances are going to change, your work will change, your kids will be angry with you for something, maybe you will end a relationship that you are enjoying today. The good news is that the painful situations will also change”.

Then the change allows you to reinvent yourself, to decide, to invent how to continue honoring those values ​​that are the most important to you.

“The positive emotion that fascinates me is the empathetic joy, which is the taste that gives you when the other one goes well. Usually there is a benefit in others”, he opines.

What are your three most important values? How could you honor these values ​​in your everyday life, especially where you think you are talking about?


I always recommend that people work in their personal development because that only allows you to enjoy and love life. Working on personal development is facing what we don’t like, but there is magic in going through it, willing to go through life’s inconvenience and see things head on and take responsibility.


I suggest you do some meditation practice, it can be very brief at some point of the day, you will see how you are creating mental space and lightness of being, in addition to allowing fluid intelligence. When there is stress and anguish there is no creativity because your energy is what worries you, so relax for a 2 to 5 minute break during the day and you will notice the difference.


Date moments to recognize and celebrate when something you did bears fruit, gives you satisfaction, benefits others. It also celebrates when others are happy or happy with you. This allows you to be aware and have a look at the actions (yours or others) that produce life, support, contribution, which generates an enormous gratitude and pleasure for living.


Forgiveness is a willingness to discharge the charges that you put on a person or what you put on yourself, sometimes you don’t feel on the list, but the willingness is an advance.

It is not an obligation, it is a choice and forgiveness makes you great, it gives you much vitality, the most important thing is not forgiveness to perfection but disposition, being at peace with others and with yourself.


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