Culture: a Parisian VTC driver transforms his vehicle into a discotheque for a trip



A Parisian VTC driver transforms his vehicle into a discotheque for a trip
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J. Benzina, S. Lerch, G. Bensoussan, F. Prigent – France 2

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Mostafa Benhama, a Parisian VTC driver, offers his customers free karaoke during a trip. Reportage.

Who could believe that a VTC driver during the day would become a night driver? On social networks, Mostafa Benhama shares his musical races, where he gives voice and above all keeps a smile. “For two years, I have used microphones. It’s a budget, but the customers give it back to me”, he explains. Before hitting the road, you have to test the car’s acoustics and suspensions.

Mostafa Benhama works with a VTC application, which puts him in contact with his customers in Paris. By reserving it, they are unaware that they can sing at no additional cost. The driver films and shares the race live with his 10,000 subscribers on TikTok. An interaction with Internet users that it has been offering since April 2022. “It helps me to hold on because the night is hard”he confides.

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