Culture testers: In Moers, young culture testers are out and about in the city

Culture testers have recently started attending various events in Moers. The young people have a job.

“Most young people have little relation to culture,” says Ida, a student at the Rheinkamp high school. That is why the twelve-year-old has recently been involved as a junior culture tester in Moers. So she belongs to the project group that explores the cultural landscape of the Count City and writes reviews about it. The city is now announcing that.

The culture testers had their first assignment at the end of September at “Moerser Ateliers offen”. Culture tester pioneers are currently students at the Rheinkamp grammar school. We are looking for more young people between the ages of 16 and 28.

The student loves the theater

At the “Moerser Ateliers open” event, the young people came into close contact with the artists. “I liked that very much,” says Ida. She is particularly fond of the large, walk-in patchwork cube by the artist Rita Lazzaro. “It looks really great.” Next up is a visit to the Schlosstheater and the Grafschafter Museum. Nele (13) is enthusiastic: “I am particularly looking forward to going to the theater because I love acting.” The program of the junior culture testers stipulates that the young people visit events and report on them.

Exa Marxen, head of the cultural office, explains the idea: “We want to arouse interest in culture and break down inhibitions. Culture can be so interesting and is not just something for the elderly. ”

The cultural office supports the project

The young culture testers post on the events: Reviews in text form, videos, blog posts, social media postings – everything can be viewed at

The city’s cultural office promotes the program and also takes care of the further training of the culture testers. For example, a workshop on video editing with mobile devices is scheduled for November.

Interested parties can contact the cultural office of Moers by e-mail: [email protected]

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