Curiosity sends "Postcards"Image from Mars

Of the NASA Curiosity-Rover has sent a fascinating “postcard” picture of the red planet to earth. At the time of recording it was on the Mount Sharp.

For this final landscape image, the mission team combined two versions of Curiosity’s black and white recordings that were recorded at different times of the day. The color of the final result was revised to create a more mood.

High quality records

In order to be able to send his 360-degree recordings to Earth more easily, they are saved in a low-quality format. Because the landscape took their breath away, the researchers decided on a high-resolution version in this case, as NASA writes.

To be able to orientate yourself a little on the picture: It is on the far right-hand side Rafael Navarro Mountains to see – named after a scientist from the Curiosity team who passed away this year. Behind it is part of Mount Sharp – far above the area that Curiosity is currently investigating.

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