Curious accident: Tesla lands in the Ikea checkout area

Curious accident: Tesla lands in the Ikea checkout area

A driver one Tesla Model 3 wanted to park at the charging station in front of an Ikea branch to charge his electric car. Just as the 60-year-old Tesla driver wanted to get out, the vehicle allegedly moving backwards set.

The electric car broke through one in reverse gear emergency exit door of the Ikea branch, as well as one behind it double wing door and came in checkout area of the furniture store to stand.

High property damage

The Tesla driver and his companion, who was in the passenger seat during the incident, were arrested slightly injured. Although there was a lot of activity in the Ikea branch on Saturday, there was otherwise harm no one.

The vehicle had to be tow truck be pulled out of business, the furniture market has been completely cleared in the meantime. The property damage should several tens of thousands of euros be.

The course of the accident is still unclear

It is still unclear how the strange accident happened and is the subject of investigations. Both a driving error as well as one technical defect come into question. One possible theory would be that the driver held onto the Park mode mistakenly in the reverse gear changed. There are numerous pictures of the accident here and here.

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