Curious Expeditions 2 is getting its second DLC, Shores of Taishi

Product care is important, especially with such lovable titles as the RPG adventure Curious Expedition 2, which has a heavy Jules Verne touch. Set in the nineteenth century, you explore all sorts of fabulous and mysterious places in the game, which can sometimes become supernatural. Islands that only emerge from the ocean for a short time, golden pyramids and now with the second DLC also the peacock tribe.

Appropriately, you can then recruit the same new characters for your expedition group from this, a total of six new members are waiting to be employed. The DLC Shores of Taishi promises new enemies, a few new locations, a whole new type of island and a teleport mechanism between them. A few new items, trophies and levels in the discovery club are practically a matter of course.

New to Curious Expeditions 2: The Peacock Tribe. Of course you have to discover it first.

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“It’s important to us that Curious Expedition 2 gets new content that expands the game’s mysterious world that the player must explore. This new DLC adds a whole new aesthetic to the game that’s different from anything you’ll discover before Have fun, you explorers out there!”, says Riad Djemili, CEO of the Berlin studio Maschinen-Mensch. The studio was founded in 2014 by him and Johannes Kristmann, both of whom were previously instrumental in games such as Yagers Spec Ops: The Line.

The Curious Expedition 2: Shores of Taishi DLC will be available for PC on May 19, 2022 on Steam, GOG and the Epic Store and will cost €5.99. Switch, Xbox and PlayStation will follow later.

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