Currencies: Algerian Dinar exchange rate on November 26

If life has become expensive in Algeria, it is surely not because of speculation and covid-19 only. The depreciation of the national currency also has something to do with it. Indeed, the Algerian dinar continues to fall and weakens against the main currencies.

On the Algiers interbank foreign exchange market, a single euro is exchanged this Friday, November 26 against 156.03 Algerian dinars for purchase and 158.11 Algerian dinars for sale. The US currency is also experiencing a dizzying rise.

Indeed, a single dollar is sold against 139.13 Algerian dinars for purchase and 139.15 Algerian dinars for sale. The Canadian dollar, meanwhile, is sold at the counters of the Bank of Algeria against 110.06 Algerian dinars for purchase and 110.08 Algerian dinars for sale.

Finally, the prestigious British currency never loses its value. It remains unbeatable and excessively expensive against the Algerian currency. A single pound is exchanged on the official market against 185.69 Algerian dinars for the purchase and against 185.73 for the sale.

The black market exchange rate

In the informal market, the main currencies are exchanged at exorbitant prices, and this, since the resumption of international flights and sea crossings. The forex traders of Square Port-Saïd are currently delighted with the strong demand, after months of inactivity due to the health crisis.

Today, Friday, November 26, a single euro is exchanged on the black market against 215.5 Algerian dinars for sale and against 213.5 Algerian dinars for purchase. In addition, the US dollar displays a rate higher than 193 Algerian dinars for sale and 190 Algerian dinars for purchase.

As for the Canadian dollar, it also increased following the intensification of flights to Canada. A single dollar is exchanged by the forex traders of the Square Port-Saïd in the capital Algiers against no less than 140.5 Algerian dinars for purchase and against 143.5 Algerian dinars for sale.

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