Cyberpunk 2077: how the Netflix series is reviving interest in the game

It was expected, and it is well and truly confirmed. The release of the series cyberpunk edge runners on Netflix has revived interest in the game Cyberpunk 2077. Unanimously hailed by the press and the public, this animated series is among the most viewed on the streaming platform. And this great success reflects on the game which counted up to 85,555 simultaneous players on Steam last weekend.

CD Projekt RED was able to support the launch of the Cyberpunk Edgerunners series

This figure does not necessarily speak to us, but for comparison, Cyberpunk 2077 had just over a million players connected at the same time when it was released in December 2020. Except that very quickly, bad word of mouth and technical concerns had gotten the better of this success. And on January 21, 2021, there were already only 80,483 connected players, less than last weekend.

It must be said that CD Projekt RED played it quite finely. A 1.6 patch added content related to the series. What make players want to come back to the game, or others to give it a chance.

Note that this is far from the first time that a Netflix series has boosted interest in a video game. This has already happened during the launch of season 2 of The Witcher on the streaming platform. The latter refers to certain events that occurred in The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. The result is quite clear and while around 30,000 players were on the game on average simultaneously, this figure rose to 63,000 a few weeks later.

The same trend had occurred when the film was released Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City. Yet very little inspired and generally hated by the spectators, this feature film had however made some gamers want to relaunch the video games of the franchise.

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