Cyberpunk 2077: Modder does what CD Projekt couldn’t do

A futuristic setting definitely needs one thing: flying vehicles. Unfortunately, in CD Projekt Red’s new game Cyberpunk 2077, players will not have the opportunity to launch their cars or motorcycles into the air and explore the city from a bird’s eye view. This bothered a certain modder so much that he created his own mod that does exactly that.

This mod adds flying cars to Cyberpunk 2077

Jack Humberts “Let There Be Flight” mod has been in development for a while and after a number of updates and improvements the mod is looking pretty good now. Not only did the modder do a good job of visual feedback from the steering wheel, but the acoustic aspects of the engines as they lift the car off the ground add to the immersion.

The mod received quite a bit of attention recently thanks to the YouTuber’s Last Known Meal. In a video for the mod, he shows exactly what it’s like to fly around in a car in Cyberpunk 2077. This is particularly suitable for immersive jaunts, a flying motorcycle ride on the other hand, it seems just as chaotic as it would probably be in real life.

Cyberpunk 2077 (buy now €57.99) is set to receive its first major DLC next year. While it is not yet known if CDPR will add flying vehicles, the mod should already be enough to keep any flight enthusiast happy. By the way, an animated Netflix show about the game called Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is scheduled to be released this year.

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