Cyclone Freddy death toll in Africa tops 500

Cyclone Freddy death toll in Africa tops 500

The death toll in the southeast of Africa due to the tropical cyclone freddy of exceptional duration, has increased to 522, according to the authorities of malawian, Mozambique and Madagascar.

Disaster management authorities in Malawi, which has been hardest hit by the cyclone, reported Saturday that the death toll had risen to 438. Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera declared a 14-year national mourning period on Thursday. days.

There are hundreds of evacuation centers set up across the country for survivors with tens of thousands in Malawi left homeless and an estimated 345,000 people affected by heavy rains, floods and landslides.

Cyclone Freddy damaged roads and bridges

The cyclone left a trail of devastation in southeastern Africa. Neighboring Mozambique and the island nation of Madagascar have also been affected. In Mozambique, at least 67 people have been killed, according to President Filipe Nyusi, with 50,000 more displaced.

The death toll in both nations is expected to continue to rise. At least 17 people have died on the island nation of Madagascar.

Cyclone Freddy dissipated over land on Wednesday night after making a second landfall in Mozambique and then Malawi over the weekend, causing massive devastation in several regions, including Malawi’s financial capital, Blantyre.

Freddy made its first landfall on February 21 in Madagascar. From there, the storm moved into Mozambique and then back into the Indian Ocean. On March 11, he arrived in Mozambique for the second time and then moved to Malawi.

Both nations were already facing a cholera outbreak before the cyclone hit and there are fears that flooding could worsen the spread of waterborne diseases. Mozambique was also dealing with the first hits and floods from Freddy earlier in the year.

Scientists say human-caused climate change has worsened cyclone activity, making them wetter, more intense and more frequent.

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