Cynical reaction from Kiev’s defense ministry – pontoon bridge destroyed: How Ukraine managed to deal a fatal blow to Putin’s battalion

Cynical reaction from Kiev’s Defense Ministry: Pontoon bridge destroyed: How Ukraine managed to deal a fatal blow to Putin’s battalion

Just as the Russian army surprises western military personnel with fatal mistakes during its attack on Ukraine, the Ukrainians surprise with an unexpectedly tough and clever resistance. Now it was a Russian tank battalion that fell victim to the Ukrainian artillery. How this counterattack came about.

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The Ukrainian army apparently inflicted a particularly heavy loss on a Russian tank battalion. The unit came under devastating artillery fire as around 1,000 Russian soldiers with 50 armored vehicles crossed a pontoon bridge over the Donets River, the US magazine reported

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According to their own statements, the Ukrainian troops destroyed two pontoon bridges belonging to the Russian military during their artillery attacks with 122-millimeter howitzers. “Bilohorivka is just withstanding the Russian onslaught, our defenders twice destroyed pontoon bridges,” wrote the oblast’s military governor Serhiy Hajday on Thursday in the Telegram news service. A third bridge will surely soon be destroyed. In addition, the military governor presented drone footage of several dozen destroyed vehicles and armored vehicles. The pictures were already circulating the day before. Artillerymen of the 17th Tank Brigade from Kryvyi Rih are said to have struck the blow.

Russian units were deadly trapped after crossing the river

According to US news channel
the Ukrainian army opened fire on the battalion after some Russian vehicles had already crossed the pontoon bridge. These would have sat in a trap after crossing. Putin’s troops then attempted to build a second pontoon bridge, which is also said to have been destroyed by the defenders’ heavy artillery.

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According to a Ukrainian officer source, Putin’s tanks were said to have been spotted with the help of reconnaissance drones. However, the information has not yet been confirmed by independent sources. According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, the units were subsequently destroyed. According to Forbes, the Ukrainians managed to destroy about three dozen tanks and other armored vehicles.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry cynically commented on the attack by the destroyed pontoons on Twitter, including aerial photos: “The 17th Armored Brigade of the Ukrainian Army has opened the holiday season for Russians. Some bathed in the Donets, some were burned by the May sun.” So far, however, there are no official or independent figures on the exact number of victims.

Ukrainian military governor: “The situation has significantly deteriorated”

However, the military governor of the region is said to have admitted via Telegram that the Ukrainian situation has “significantly deteriorated”. The supply route from the towns of Bakhmut to Lysychansk and Sievjerodonetsk is therefore still acutely endangered together with the Russian advances from the conquered Popasna.

Russia has been waging a war of aggression against Ukraine for more than two and a half months. The goal is at least the complete conquest of the eastern Ukrainian regions of Luhansk and Donetsk. The United Nations has already registered around 3,500 civilian deaths, but like the Ukrainian leadership assumes the number of victims to be far higher.

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