Cyril Hanouna: politics in the arena of “Baba”

Only four days after the broadside of insults suffered by one of their colleagues, deputy of La France insoumise, they formed a skewer of three deputies on the plateau of Hanouna. A parliamentarian from the majority, a come from the Republicans and one from the National Rally explained, this November 14, that “Cyril” had, of course, perhaps a little carried away, but that Louis Boyard had looked for him a little .

A way to spare the C8 show. And also striking proof of the power of its host: the main political tribes were represented on its set after an incident unanimously condemned. But what were the nation’s elected officials doing in this galley? Explanation of a vast market of media dupes…

The rebels lead the way

After the Boyard episode, the rebellious protested against a “absolutely incredible violence” made to a deputy of the Republic. But the debate on whether to boycott a program which attracts more than 1.8 million viewers on average has come to a halt at LFI. In a meeting, Mélenchon first spared Hanouna.

“I’m not going to throw stones at him. He is just uncovered. He doesn’t have other people’s good manners, he doesn’t know how to twist poison and lace…” And then he changed feet three days later.

Denouncing a “tray made for the extreme right”, he warned gravely: “We are not your buddies and we never will be. » Ironically, it’s final

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