Cyril Hanouna reveals the "whim of star" by Benjamin Castaldi at the time of Secret Story (VIDEO)

Cyril Hanouna revealed that Benjamin Castaldi returned by helicopter from bonuses Secret Story in Do not touch My TV, this Tuesday, September 20. A small whim which cost him the trifle of 5000 euros per evening and which he explained on the set of the show.

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Benjamin Castaldi has never hidden that he took advantage of the years he was a host at TF1 to lead the high life. His escapades at the time are also regularly mocked by Cyril Hanouna and his accomplices in Do not touch My TV. “To make a joke, I had engraved my initials in my hammam of my house which I lost. It was 1200m2″, he testified for example in 2021. This Tuesday, September 20, Cyril Hanouna welcomed Josiane Balasko for the promotion of her play A chalet in Gstaad at the New Theater in Paris. He took the opportunity to launch a little quiz of which he has the secret on the whims of the stars.

The helicopter pilot slept at Benjamin Castaldi’s

Amid mad demands from Lady Gaga or Mariah Carey, the host asked if it was true that the bonus nights of Secret Story, Benjamin Castaldi wanted to return home exclusively by helicopter. The main interested party validated this proposal with good grace. “It’s true, but it wasn’t every day”, he defended himself. Immediately reframed by his boss, who clarified that the bonuses only took place once a week. “You freaked out”, he added to the address of his columnist. The former TF1 host tried to defend himself. “At the time, I was getting a divorce. I just wanted to go back once a week to the countryside so I could put my little one to bed. And the only way to do that was to take a helicopter after the Thursday show. But I ‘paid half’ he wanted to clarify. A luxury he estimated at “about 4000 euros per hour”.But the pilot was sleeping at my house, because I was leaving the next morning”, he added, prompting laughter on set.

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He paid half to TF1

Cyril Hanouna took Bernard Montiel to witness to underline the extent to which Benjamin Castaldi had led a star life. Good comrade, the former animator of Video Gag supported him, pointing out that it was good that he had indulged himself in this way when he could. “But it’s still a pleasure that is expensive. Not to mention that if we keep the helicopter, you pay for the helicopter all night. It’s like a private jet”, he insisted on specifying. The bill for this little whim has therefore increased to 10,000 euros. “Maybe yes”, recognized the columnist, who clarified that TF1 paid half the bill. “5000 euros per bonus. There are four bonuses in the month. That’s 20,000 euros for you to go in a helicopter to play the fool”, concluded Cyril Hanouna, amused.

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