Daiana Abregú case: they carry out a new march to demand justice

A new mobilization brought together the relatives and friends of Daiana Abregu to the police station building Laprida where the young woman was found dead.

With a big banner that said “No one commits suicide at the police station”those present marched to demand justice and a prompt resolution of the case.

On the morning of June 5, the 26-year-old was “delayed” at the Laprida Communal Police Station due to a traffic violation. Hours later, her body was found in a cell at the police station.

The victim’s mother stated that her daughter had no signs of hanging, that the police notified them of the situation some time later and that she doubts the latter’s version.

So far, the case is listed as “investigation of causes of death” and the investigation is in charge of the prosecutor and the Functional Unit of Specialized Instruction in Complaints of Crimes to Public Officials and Police of Azul, John Ignatius Calonje.

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