Dak Prescott hurt with the Cowboys over the departure of Ezekiel Elliott

Dak Prescott hurt with the Cowboys over the departure of Ezekiel Elliott

dak prescottlegendary quarterback for the dallas cowboysis hurt due to the departure of ezekiel elliottwho was released from the team this week and whom he considers one of his great friends.

Given the decision of the Texan squad, the Cowboys quarterback had to assimilate the news and say goodbye to his great teammate, with whom he has shared important victories throughout his career.

“It’s tough. A brother. Playing the game with a brother. Being able to start this NFL career and share so many memories and grow as men … with this organization. I really can’t imagine going out on the field without him,” Prescott said of Elliott at a charity event.

The duo Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott

It should be remembered that in 2016, Zeke Elliott and Dak Prescott formed an extraordinary duo that led the Dallas Cowboys to finish 13-3 and win the NFL Eastern National Conference crown.

“He’s a guy who played this game the right way. She had fun; he did it. But when it came time to focus, when it came time to give everything you had, and to show your teammates what really mattered and how to get things done, Zeke was a guy to watch.”

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Dak Prescott is endorsing Ezekiel Elliott

Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott

“I don’t know if he’s hit me completely. Obviously, I’ve talked to him. I’m hurt. I’m sure he is too. It’s more important for me to be able to support him. I know he has more opportunities coming his way and I love that guy I’m proud of him,” he said.

However, Prescott and Elliott have earned very well with the Dallas Cowboys, as Dak is entering the third year of his $160 million, four-year contract; while Elliott’s six-year, $90 million extension ended after three years.

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