DALL-E now edits faces, outfits and photo backdrops that already exist

OpenAI has released an update to its DALL-E art program to enable editing of human faces. The feature had been removed from the release version for fear of misuse by people, but the developers decided to give it a vote of confidence after tweaking the image filters.

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The tool will allow you to adjust images in different and creative ways. You will be able to use a photograph of yourself to generate variations with new looks or accessories, being able to modify the clothes, the hairstyle and the scenery behind. Check out some examples:

The adjustments made to the software aim to avoid the use of artificial intelligence to create deepfakes. According to Open AI, the filters should prevent the making of photomontages that harm people, although it is not clear how this will work in practice.

Combating deepfakes and misuse

The manufacturer’s fear is justified, because other similar solutions, such as Stable Diffusion, are already being used to create fake images of celebrities related to pornography or inappropriate situations. While leaving it unrestricted would allow for a faster evolution of AI, “general release” could have serious social and even legal consequences.

The most pornographic materials should be simple to block with the inappropriate term filter. The difficult thing will be to avoid creating non-existent scenarios to insert celebrities in places they have never been.

One of the security barriers imposed is the impossibility of uploading images of famous people without prior consent. Of course, this can be easily overridden, as the algorithm is unable to differentiate between “famous” and anonymous, but it’s something that can be tweaked over time.

Possibly this new possibility of DALL-E should generate a lot of jokes and memes on the web, but the purpose may be much deeper. Anyone working in the creative industry, such as photographers or filmmakers, will be able to create unique characters inspired by real people. Hairdressers and makeup artists will be able to experience what their clients will look like before getting a cut.

DALL-E on the rise

DALL-E has been very successful due to the numerous possibilities of creations. Recently, the program received a feature that recreates classic frames with “non-visible parts” in the original. Many people used it to rethink what the surroundings of classic paintings, such as Monalisa, would be like.

The program was also used to produce a full page of a classic Batman comic book using the original script. The result impressed by the similarity between the comics and the result presented by artificial intelligence.

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