DALS: Fauve Hautot’s cash response to rumors of a couple with Tayc

The alchemy between Fauve Hautot and Tayc in Dance with the stars is such that some imagine that their relationship goes beyond the framework of dance. Rumors that the young woman sweeps away with the back of her hand.

At each premium of Dance with the stars, Tayc and Fauve Hautot dazzle the judges with the mastery of their technique and their symbiosis on the floor. To the point that the duo have never been faced with the terrible ordeal of face-to-face. A good omen a few hours before the finale of season 11. But besides the technical skills of the singer of Afro-love, it is his fusional connection with his partner that is obvious. To the point that some viewers already imagine them together …

I have the right to it every season

Rumors that annoyed a little Fauve Hautot. “It passes me over. I don’t have much to say about it. It makes me smile“, she told us. And to add:”I am entitled to it every season. It’s the dance that wants that. It’s normal that people can ask questions. We are quite close, there is contact. But again, it’s still ballroom dancing. There is also the interpretation. If people imagine things, it’s because the story we wanted to tell works. But it is very rare that couples are created. “

The same energy

According to the native of Dieppe, their alchemy “happened naturally“. It must be said that the two partners are”very similar in the energies, the way of working, of creating.” “We want to perform and that’s what connected us straight away. We are the same! We both have this form of competition that pushes us to always do more and better“, specifies the Norman to us. Moreover, the incendiary redhead was taped by the exceptional performances of the singer.”I think I took a slap on every bounty. Every time I performed with him, I said to myself ‘wow!’ It’s not the same in training as it is on stage. We both connect at the same time. As soon as we arrive on stage, there is something that lights up, who knows why“, she explained to us. Words that echo those made by the singer of Afro-love.”We are both dormant volcanoes that light up when we want. (…) Both together it’s explosive“, he told us.

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