Damilano: “Juve virtuous model”. Lo Russo: “Citadel grenade with Robaldo”

The two candidates for mayor of Turin Lo Russo and Damilano compared: there was also talk of the future of the Toro facilities, from the stadium to Filadelfia

On Sunday 17 and Monday 18 October the new mayor of Turin will be voted. To take the place of the outgoing pentastellato mayor Chiara Hanger will be one of Stefano Lo Russo, candidate of the center-left, and Paolo From Milan, candidate of the center-right. The two candidates for mayor in the confrontation they had yesterday afternoon at the Nuvola Lavazza between the various topics addressed also exposed their proposals involving the Bull. In fact, they stopped to deal with points such as Robaldo, the Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino and Filadelfia. Two different visions that, however, have one goal in common: to consolidate the relationship between the grenade club and the city of Turin.

Damilano and the words related to the Grande Torino Olympic stadium

Paolo Damilano, exposing his ideas related to Toro, said about the Grande Torino stadium: “You have to negotiate with Cairo: either you pay the rent or you have to find a way to sell him the property. Juventus is a virtuous model, they made a very beautiful stadium and managed to create the event, and how important it is for the city, it is a reason for tourist attraction. Sport must become of great attraction. If Toro also manages to have Juve’s results, then even better ”.

Lo Russo: “The area around the Fila must become the grenade citadel”

Stefano Lo Russo, on the other hand, when it came to the proposals concerning the grenade club, said: “In my scheme of football city the Olimpico must be the stadium of the Bull. The idea is to make the area around Filadelfia the grenade citadel. It is a prospect of consolidation of the club’s presence in the area, also considering Robaldo ”.

Grande Torino Olympic Stadium

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