Dance performance of the youngest

Even if everything wasn’t perfect, it was very heartwarming.

The dance classes for the little ones at the Montafon music school showed big things

There was a hustle and bustle, excitement and lots of laughter when the dance classes for the little ones from the Montafon music school invited to their big performance in the gym of the Tschagguns elementary school. The 38 children were only four or five years old. And yet there was a lot of excitement even among the little ones when the word “stage clear”. Under the motto “There are days like this…” the two dance teachers Iris Onnen and Celina Ganahl rehearsed a total of nine different dance numbers with the children.

coordination and cooperation

Embedded in a story, the various dances were shown one after the other. To the great applause of the numerous spectators, there was a cloud song, apples on the head, a colorful dance, everything red or funny clowns. At the end, even the mothers and fathers present were involved in the last dance number, so that there was a lot of movement in the gym. “Dance means coordination and cooperation. It trains both fine and gross motor skills and at the same time gives the children space to express their creativity,” dance teacher Iris Onnen knows from her many years of experience. “But it also includes social components that are just as important at this age, cohesion and a group experience,” says her young colleague Celina Ganahl.

All this was clearly evident in the various dance numbers. What was special about this one-hour event, however, was the joy and spontaneity with which the little ones already completed their big performance. At the end there was also a small buffet in the foyer, so that the “dance year” of the little ones in the Montafon music school came to a worthy end.

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