Dance with the stars: the adorable message from Vaimalama Chaves to his partner Christian Millette

Vaimalama Chaves is among the contestants for the eleventh season of Dance with the stars. During the third bonus, the former Miss France delivered a very moving performance. On Instagram, she wanted to thank Christian Millette, her partner, for allowing her to open up.

Vaimalama Chaves, Miss France 2019, had created the surprise by joining at the last minute the cast of the eleventh season of Dance with the stars. It is on the arm of Christian Millette that the beauty made her debut on the floor of the show against Lucie Lucas (Clem) and Aurélie Pons (Here it all begins), Gérémy Crédeville, Tayc, Wejdene, Bilal Hassani, or Dita Von Teese. If the Tahitian’s first steps were hesitant in a competition at a very high level, she delivered a very moving performance on Corps of Yseult, during the third prime. She even finished her dance in tears and touched Internet users. She said about her tears: “These are all the traumas that I have experienced as a woman and that I am not alone to experience. Thanks to Christian, I was able to free myself from all this.

A beautiful tribute that touched his dance partner

Only two days before the next bonus, the rules of which will be turned upside down again, Vaimalama Chaves has just returned to this dance which marked his career in the show on his Instagram account (a photo to be found at this link). “Emotion. Today, I present to you the dance that I am most proud of so far. The one that unlocked and allowed everything else. The one that taught me to let go, live the emotions and share what I feel, she wrote in caption of photos of her magnificent performance. She then sent a strong message to her partner. “Christian Millette, thank you for breaking down my barriers, for insinuating yourself into each of the faults in my heart to strengthen it, for teaching me still today to move forward.” Words that made the dancer react, who gave him an adorable response in commentary to his publication. “I’m just helping you realize how great a woman you are”, told him Christian Millette. “Too beautiful”, underlined Christophe Licata for his part.

Internet users affected by its service

Internet users have also been sensitive to these magnificent pictures and this lovely message. “It was wonderful. Your authenticity touches me so much “,” You really gave us the chills, thank you both of you for transporting us to your world, it was wonderful, extraordinary, a magical moment “,” I fell in love with this service, so moving. .. “,” Bravo, this dance was magnificent and made me cry, you are my favorite Miss France “, could we read among the comments. His followers are already eager to discover his next performance on the floor of Dance with the stars and they hope she will go far in the competition.

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