Daniel Urresti on criticism of López Aliaga: “They are hallucinations due to withdrawal syndrome”

The candidate for mayor of Lima from Podemos Peru, Daniel Urresti, responded to Rafael López Aliaga, his contender from Renovación Popular, about the campaign expenses that his party reported to ONPE for these 2022 regional and municipal elections.

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In statements to América, Urresti was asked about López Aliaga’s remarks, who criticized that Podemos Peru had only reported S/ 63,451 as paid campaign expenses for the elections on Sunday, October 2.

The Renovación Popular candidate said that Vladimir Cerrón and the ‘Dinamicos del Centro’ would be financing the campaign outside of these amounts officially reported to the electoral entities.

Daniel Urresti is a candidate for mayor of Lima

“According to this man, I have killed Kennedy, I am guilty that the team did not go to the World Cup. This type of hallucinations occurs, it is a withdrawal syndrome”Urresti replied.

The applicant to the Municipality of Lima assured that the explanation behind the amount reported to the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) is due to the high number of followers he has on social networks such as Facebook.

“If I put a thousand soles on an ad, it skyrockets. I have spent throughout the year from 65 thousand to 70 thousand soles”he detailed.

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