Daniela Nicolás attacks followers of Gabriel Boric after Kast’s attack in Lo Espejo

The model and panelist of “More Vivi than Never”, Daniela Nicolás surprised her followers after commenting on politics on her social networks.

Through her Twitter account, the former beauty queen reflected after the aggression suffered by the candidate of the Republican Party, José Antonio Kast during his visit to Lo Espejo, where he assured that part of his team was attacked, including a pregnant woman.

After the controversy, Daniela Nicolás criticized the followers of the Approve Dignity candidate, Gabriel Boric, recriminating him for his alleged complaint of sexual harassment.

“They celebrate because they attacked a pregnant woman, and keep silent when Boric is accused of sexual harassment,” he said in a tweet.

“I have friends who have been sexually harassed and abused. Silence is a condemnation for them because they do not dare to speak for fear of rejection. The silence shows how little real support there is. You cannot cover up an accusation of sexual harassment. What example are we setting? ”She explained, while a friend of hers asked her who her candidate was.

“What’s up Dani? Are you really a Kastlover? ” A user asked, to which the model responded directly. “Since primary school I have said that Boric is not my option at any point. How nice to read you, hey! A long time ”, he responded, generating various reactions on the web.

Check out the tweets below:

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