Daniella Chávez, ‘PlayBoy Bunny’, raises funds on OnlyFans to buy a Chilean club

LAUNCH THE OFFER. The Chilean model Daniella Chavez, known for being a ‘PlayBoy Bunny’, revealed that a special OnlyFans account was created to raise money for the acquisition of the O’Higgins club. The institution echoed this notorious rumor and ruled on it. We tell you the whole story.

Chávez – who debuted as a Playboy model at the age of 24 – revealed last week on Twitter that he learned that the Chilean National Championship club was for sale, for which he decided to start a campaign.

I realized that O’Higgins is for sale and I started a campaign to raise the almost $20 million (…) That’s why I created this account, with more Playboy content, so that fans can help raise the money”, assured Chávez in dialogue with the Chilean radio ADN.

Daniella Chávez on everyone's lips after confessing an alleged affair with Cristiano Ronaldo.  (Photo: Instagram)
Daniella Chávez on everyone’s lips after confessing an alleged affair with Cristiano Ronaldo. (Photo: Instagram)

However, the model later accused the owner of O’Higgins FC, Ricardo Abumohorto veto her as one of the interested parties to acquire the club.

O’Higgins is for sale, but Abumohor -in a discriminatory act- closes the doors to me to be able to buy it, this because I am a woman, Playboy and the way I raised the money. The club is for sale to everyone except me“, public.

Given this version, O’Higgins issued a statement in which he ruled out closing the intention to purchase Daniella Chávez.

Given press articles in digital media that have stated – with reserved sources – that the Abumohor family rules out the sale of the club to a particular person, we want to clarify that this information is erroneous and does not represent the values ​​of the Abumohor family “he added, after which they emphasized that the offers must be formally presented to the board.

Statement from O'Higgins about the attempted purchase of Daniella Chávez.
Statement from O’Higgins about the attempted purchase of Daniella Chávez.

Through his Twitter account, Chávez revealed that he will formally present the offer for O’Higgins once he collects the millions that the historic Chilean club is worth.

When I finish collecting the money, I sit down to talk about the offer to the club. That is why we must do things well and that it be through social networks is only the means to reach the final result. Thank you”, he sentenced.

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