Daniel’s sister Anna Westling, 51, disappeared – it happened

She is the sister of one of Sweden’s most famous men but flies under the radar. Here’s the truth behind Anna Westling’s absence.

The truth about Estelle and Anna Westling’s relationship!

After the commercial: The truth about Estelle and Anna Westling’s relationship!


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Anna Westling, 51, usually has a broad smile when she appears in royal contexts, but now it was a long time ago.

Three years have passed since Prince Daniel’s sister was last captured in a public image, and five years since we saw her in a royal setting.

Why, one might ask. Svensk Damtidning explains.

That’s why we haven’t seen Anna Westling in three years

Anna has not moved as far away from Ockelbo as Daniel, where the siblings were raised.

Today, she, husband Mikael Söderström, 57, and daughter Vera, 18, live in a light gray wooden villa in the Gävlet district.

Their eldest daughter Hedvig, 23, is out and Mikael’s child from a previous relationship as well.

Here, in the urban area, Anna lives a private life far away from the royal spotlight in Stockholm.

The entire Westling family is known to be private, and that is also the case when it comes to Daniel’s sister.

Despite the fact that Daniel and Victoria have been married for 12 years, we have only seen her a few times in royal contexts.

The last was in connection with Crown Princess Victoria’s official 40th birthday celebration in 2017:

Anna Westling and Söderström, Mikael Söderström 2017

Anna Westling and husband Mikael Söderström at Victoria’s 40th anniversary celebration, 2017.

And before that at Prince Oscar’s christening, 2016:

Anna Westling and Söderström, Mikael Söderström 2016

Anna Westling Söderström and husband Mikael Söderström during Prince Oscar’s baptism.

But we also got a glimpse of the prince-sister in 2019 when she appeared at Gävle Arena with her parents, brother, sister-in-law Victoria and niece Estelle:

Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Estelle, Prince Daniel, Olle Westling and Daniel's sister Anna Westling Söderström with husband Mikael Söderström

Anna Westling and husband Mikael Söderström appeared next to their royal family in Gävle Arena, 2019.

This is not really strange. Anna is not a public figure, she just happens to be the sister of a prince, Daniel.

The Westlings Statement on Princess Estelle – Pledges Help

Anna Westling shocked sister-in-law Victoria

However, the fact that Anna, Daniel and Victoria are not often seen together does not mean that they do not hang out, quite the opposite.

They have a very special relationship and take every chance they get to see each other when the crown princess couple are at work in the Gävle area.

And we’ll never forget when Anna surprised Victoria during her landscape walk in 2019. Even Victoria was a little shocked:

– But I had no idea that Anna and Micke would come!, exclaimed a shocked Crown Princess at the time.

And this summer there was a fast-paced concert evening for Anna, her husband Mikael and the crown princess couple.

Photo: TT

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