Danilo Díaz: “Colo Colo has more of a champion’s face than ever”

The Superclásico 190 of Chilean football played in El Teniente de Rancagua was again white, something that is already a healthy habit for Colo Colo, since it will notably reach nine years without falls against the University of Chile.

With so many by Marcos Bolados, an own goal by Ramón Arias and another defining goal by Ignacio Jara when the game was leaving, Gustavo Quinteros’ team continued to enforce history in this kind of duel, achieving in passing three gold units that allow it to escape at the top of the tournament from its direct rivals.

One who analyzed what the victoria alba was was the journalist Danilo Díaz, who in his comment on ADN Radio stated that “The classic is on hiatus. Colo Colo won it with authority from the start. The first goal showed that U are a very messy team behind when they lose the ball ”.

“Beyond those details that may be failures, the reality is that the U in the middle of the field never found the game, they surpassed it from the beginning, Colo Colo was always much superior with the strong intensity that Gustavo Quinteros has proposed” , added Hincha Puma.

In this sense, the commentator pointed out that “Colo Colo gets more than credentials to be the champion, he is the one who is the best today, he is better in the table and in the game, in addition to the clarity that the coach delivers.”

Colo Colo took ten points ahead of the U after staying with the Superclásico. | Photo: Guillermo Salazar.

“A tough defeat for the University of Chile, unappealable (…) the illusion of the championship is over. Colo Colo has more of a champion’s face than ever, it is the team that is the best aspected in the tournament ”, Diaz concluded.

Now the Chief will receive Ñublense for the date 23 next Thursday, September 30 from 6:30 p.m., in what will be a more than special rematch for the albos thinking about the first round match of the season.

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