Danish relative about Bråthen: – The parents have done everything they can to save him

When murder accused Espen Andersen Bråthen was a child, he often traveled to Denmark to visit his family. The Danish family remembers that well, the newspaper writes BT.

ACCUSED: Espen Andersen Bråthen agrees to custody after the incident at Kongsberg. Photo: Private / Screenshot

– It’s horrible to think about. He was such a sweet boy, and now he has killed five people, says one family member, who wishes to remain anonymous to the newspaper.

The family member remembers, among other things, that Bråthen always kissed him and his wife good night, and that he was always a boy who took friends home.

– Shocking

Furthermore, the family member says that he and his wife have a good relationship with Bråthen’s parents. So when they read about the incident on Kongsberg on Wednesday night, they called the mother of the accused.

Then they received a message they could never imagine.

– It was shocking to hear, because we did not think it would go that far. It’s horrible, says the family member.

The accused 37-year-old has previously been banned from visiting his parents, because he had threatened his father with life.

The Danish family member can tell that it was not the first time.

– They fled several times to their neighbors and have called the police when he has passed by. They have almost locked themselves in for fear that he would come by.


He further says that the parents for several years have tried to get help from the system, without luck.

– The last time his mother was down here and visited us, I considered asking about it, but I did not. It was probably the same as always, unfortunately. They have done everything they can to save their son, but the system has failed him.

On Thursday, it became known that Bråthen had converted to Islam, and that there had been a message of concern about radicalization.

Neighbor of one of the killed: – A great loss

– I have not heard anything about it, and the same applies to archery. I have never heard that he could shoot with it, so it surprises me very much, says the family member.

Appears as an act of terrorism

The police arrested Bråthen in Kongsberg on Wednesday night after receiving several reports that a man shot at people with a bow and arrow.

Five people were killed and three were injured. PST says the killings appear to be a terrorist act.

He has admitted that he committed the murders, but it is not known how he stands up to criminal guilt.

The 37-year-old has previously been convicted several times, and as far as TV 2 knows has been in contact with the health service on several occasions. Police have received several reports of concern that he has been radicalized, and neighbors say that they have experienced him as unstable.

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