Darío Barassi spoke about the hospitalization of his daughter Inés: "It was by far the worst time of our lives"

Dario Barassi announced through his social networks that his youngest daughter, Inés, had already been dischargedthen spend two days hospitalized for a viral infection.

The driver of “100 Argentinos Dicen” (El Trece) published a postcard that reveals the tender poster with which his eldest daughter, Emilia, received her family at home: “Welcome dad, mom and Ines.” In addition, Darío left a long letter in which he thanked for the support received and recounted how complex the situation was with his baby.

“HIGH! At last… Right now we are finishing breakfast at home the 4 of us together and it is basically the definition of relief and happiness this situation. This is a thank you post. Because despite the fact that Inés had nothing serious, it was by far the worst moment of our lives,” Barassi began.

The actor confessed that together with his wife, Lucía Gómez Centurión, they wanted to be the ones to face the disease that kept their one-month-old baby hospitalized: “Our permanent desire to take his place was insatiable and could never be realized. But my dwarf this week was received from a lioness. Eternal thanks to everyone who joined in this week of struggle. Friends and family always present, to the entire team at @sanatoriolaslomas with Vero managing everything, to my friends at @osde who have an impeccable agent in Santi Garay.”

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Separate chapter our intensive therapy in Los Arcos @swissmedicalgroup to the medical team, nurses, technicians, the families who are going through the same thing, and even the waiters, eternal thanks. They made this shitty process tolerable, restrained, resistible, respectful and loving.. Mary, you are everything! Rey Coco, abus, Mandy and friends my weight in thanks! They are family to us,” wrote the presenter, who also confessed that having his girls together again at home means everything to him: “I’m going to continue having breakfast, one is trying on dresses for a party, the other is just shit, he is smiling and acknowledging that he returned home, the mother and I We looked at each other relieved and happy. We are back, together the 4 “.

Likewise, Barassi also had a few words of thanks for his co-workers: “Thanks to all my work universe @boxfishtv @eltrecetv for supporting me, understanding me and accompanying me in that way. To my friend and representative @javierfurgang always present and attentive”. Similarly, the comedian left a tender message to his youngest daughter: “Inés this week I got to know you more. You are a warrior, you all banked, always with a look full of strength, security and delicacy, making us understand that you could. Leona of the father, always proud of you, you were an example and a teaching. I love you little girl”.

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What happened to the daughter of Darío Barassi

Darío Barassi and Lucía Gómez Centurión became parents for the second time on August 10, after the arrival of Inés. Although so far the details are unknown, in the last few hours it was learned that the little girl, barely a month old, had to be hospitalized.

On Thursday, September 15, in “Partners of the Show” (El Trece), Rodrigo Lussich reported that Darío Barassi was going to be absent from “100 Argentinos Dicen” (El Trece) for a few days due to the health of his youngest daughter.

“We take the opportunity to send a big kiss to Darío Barassi, because his baby girl, the youngest, is hospitalized with some little problems that will surely pass quickly. He will leave his activity for a few days and El Chino Leunis will be doing ‘100 Argentinos Dicen ‘”, detailed the Uruguayan journalist.

Yesterday, in his Instagram stories, Barassi explained that her daughter had a viral infection and reflux, but she clarified that she was out of danger and that since she was born very recently, she should continue to be observed by the medical staff, who would do some tests for greater certainty about his health.

Dario Barassi and his daughter Ines

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