Dark Souls 3: Servers are offline again

The servers of all Dark Souls titles were taken offline in January due to a fairly serious security breach. From Software didn’t address the issue for a long time, understandably as their top priority was the release of the Elden Ring. About a month ago, at least the servers of Dark Souls 3 were put back into operation, From Software still needs a little time for the remaining games in the series.

Dark Souls 3 servers only made it a month

Of course, many players were excited to be able to experience player-versus-player combat again in Dark Souls 3, but after about a month the fun was over. Yesterday, players on Steam reported that they could not reach the title’s servers again, in some cases the game allegedly would not even start.

As From Software customer support explained to a player who then kindly shared on Reddit, the company was aware that some players were unable to reach the title’s servers and would investigate the issue. A short time later he also reported Dark Souls Twitter account with the same statement to word.

“There is currently a confirmed issue with Dark Souls 3’s online mode on the Steam platform. We are investigating the cause of the issue and will update you as more details become available. Thank you for your patience.”

As of this writing, the Dark Souls 3 servers are still offline. It is not yet known when we can expect an update on the situation. However, users on Reddit are not very hopeful about the whole thing, with some users joking that they will see each other again in eight months.

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