Data-driven, Haro Electric Vehicles intends to join hands with dealers to transform “smart stores”

On November 25, 28 Haro Electric Vehicles across the country simultaneously held the 2021 Haro Electric Vehicle Dealer Conference with the theme of “Intelligent Leadership, Win-Win Future”. At the meeting, Haro Electric Vehicles presented an exciting “smart store plan” to thousands of dealers, and plans to work with many dealers to create a new generation of electric vehicles driven by data, user-centric, and product-centric. Smart car store.

Li Kaizhu, CEO of Harbin Travel and head of electric vehicle business, said at the dealer conference that under the wave of consumption upgrades, users are pursuing a better life, and products with more intelligent, design and quality are in line with the industry. The mainstream of evolution, and the transformation of smart stores for electric vehicles driven by data will undoubtedly be the general trend. In 2022, Harbin will increase investment in all aspects of the two-wheel electric vehicle business, and work with dealers to lead the new trend of industry transformation and upgrading.

Li Kaizhu, Executive President of Harbin Travel and Head of Electric Vehicle Business

Smart Store Plan

Harbin Travel officially entered the electric vehicle business of its own brand in July 2020. Through the industry’s first VVSMART super-connected car and locomotive system, it creates new experiences in human-vehicle interaction, vehicle energy, vehicle safety, after-sales service, and travel life. Through the ultra-connection of the mobile phone and the two-wheeled electric vehicle, it can realize the keyless use of the car, induction start, and at the same time create a mobile content and service platform, and truly realize “putting the car into the mobile phone.”

In 2020, there are only more than 100 Haro electric car stores. Through online drainage, offline promotion, sales empowerment, and explosive products, the number of stores will reach more than 3,000 in 2021, the sales growth rate is the first in the industry, and the store speed industry First.

Opening up the territory is only the first step in the empowerment of Haro’s electric vehicle industry. In 2022, Haro’s electric vehicle will focus on the transformation and development of high-quality stores. Based on a deep understanding of China’s travel industry and Haro’s understanding of the needs of a large number of users, at the end of 2021, Haro’s electric vehicle will launch the “Smart Store Plan”, which covers all aspects from site selection to traffic drainage to product delivery in stores. Driven by data and the idea of ​​online and offline integration, it helps electric vehicle store owners to firmly grasp the opportunity for the upgrade of the electric vehicle channel industry.

“Traditional electric car stores, product sales and maintenance are the only income of the store. Haro’s smart store system can help store owners integrate member operations, e-commerce new retail, and battery swap integration on the basis of sales and maintenance. New store operation possibilities.”

Li Weixing, the person in charge of Haro’s electric vehicle channel, said that like the Double Eleven just past, Haro’s electric vehicle first show will be ranked first in the total list of Tmall live cars (big travel), and second in the electric vehicle industry on the Tmall store list. Through the new retail model, orders for Double Eleven were instantly converted into orders for corresponding offline stores, realizing online traffic empowerment and conversion. The transformation of the store ecology is Haro’s unique advantage in the electric vehicle industry.

Haro Li Weixing, Head of Electric Vehicle Channel

According to his on-site introduction, the electric vehicle industry is facing an unprecedented period of opportunity, where opportunities and challenges coexist, such as the sharp decline of traditional electric vehicle manufacturers, the entry of the Internet and four rounds of new forces, the end of the new national standard transition period, the intensification of supervision, and the exchange of purchases in major cities The tide is waiting. For store owners, they must not only see the decline in channel distribution profits, the status quo of traditional manufacturer brands, channels, and the aging of users, but also the opportunities brought by the industry’s lithium-ionization and intelligence trends. Hello, the smart store plan launched at this time is the best choice to embrace changes in the industry.

The “Six Keys” of Smart Stores

It is understood that Haro’s smart store plan for electric vehicles has developed six “keys” to unlock the transformation of electric vehicle channels. It is a set of rigorous store empowerment system and an important weapon for the transformation of smart stores.

Haro electric car offline store

Through intelligent location selection, the construction of a global traffic platform, the upgrade of the store image, the establishment of the largest self-operated warehouse in the industry, and the combination of digital full-link mode, the Haro electric vehicle has broken through the traditional store barriers and achieved a key breakthrough in the electric vehicle industry .

Among them, the use of intelligent algorithms to assist location decision-making can help Haro electric vehicles to select the optimal area in a short time, thereby achieving a substantial increase in efficiency. The establishment of a global traffic platform will attract traffic through its own + external online platforms, and reach physical stores through traffic distribution, and make every effort to improve online customer acquisition capabilities. In addition, Haro electric vehicles have also enhanced the user interaction experience by creating a smart experience center, allowing consumers to actually experience the convenient scenes that Haro smart products can bring in actual use, and generate a desire to buy. In the upstream and downstream supply chain links, Haro is building the industry’s largest self-operated warehouse, and gradually realizes the standardization of operations, improves the purchasing experience of merchants, and allows consumers to “save worry, time and money” in purchasing in stores.

In order to empower the intelligent innovation of stores, Haro Electric Vehicles has also created a full-link digital model, providing a terminal digital management backstage for stores, realizing one-stop management of store purchases, sales, inventory, finance, orders, and user service responses, reducing Store operating pressure.

New pattern of brand and product blessing channels

In Haro’s view, the current bottleneck in the development of the electric vehicle industry lies in delivery efficiency, cost and after-sales service. As a company based on full-link digital construction, Haro is the most capable of achieving breakthroughs in these areas. In the face of major challenges in traditional stores, when rickety, the Haro electric car achieved the industry’s No. 1 store opening growth rate in just one year. As an industry breaker, it has officially become a new force in the electric vehicle industry.

In the development of intelligent capabilities, there is still a lot of room for technological development and innovation, such as the ability to achieve faster charging and longer battery life through software and algorithm capabilities; provide more intelligent scenarios for understanding and serving users, such as thorough The whole car is keyless, specific power modes for different users and different scenarios, etc. These are the directions that Haro will focus on in 2022.

In 2022, Haro will make more innovations based on product intelligence and fashion, and at the same time better serve users through new retail and new service models. It is reported that, in order to strengthen the capacity on the production side, the Haro electric vehicle has built two “super factories” in Tianjin and Wuxi, quickly gaining stable production capacity.

Chi Xingde, head of Haro’s electric vehicle merchandise department, said that 2022 is the first year of intelligent two-wheel electric vehicles, and it will also be a year when Haro’s independent products of electric vehicles shine. Hello is undoubtedly the most powerful one to do the best in this direction and lead the industry. On the one hand, Haro has been deeply involved in the travel industry for many years, and has a long-term insight into the needs of travel users. On the other hand, Haro’s Internet genes determine that in the direction of intelligence, in addition to the pursuit of hardware intelligence, it can also help Haro The advantages in software and algorithms are integrated into electric vehicle products.

It is understood that 90% of future products will be independently designed and modeled. Haro electric vehicles also reserve a large number of design and technical talents for this purpose. Leading intelligence and first-class design will become the advantages and labels of Haro’s electric vehicle products.

Since Haro electric cars joined the electric car track, this new force has expanded its territory in this industry with the momentum of breaking through. With digital genes, it has driven the electric car industry out of a road to subvert traditional channels. After the transformation of smart stores , The new situation of the electric vehicle industry is worth looking forward to.

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