Date 21 may allow Colo Colo to increase lead

Colo Colo obtained an important victory that allows him to consolidate himself as the exclusive leader of the 2021 National Championship. The task was not easy since O’Higgins played a great game and constantly complicated the popular cast. The 3-2 victory allowed the popular cast to take three points ahead of their closest pursuer and they are already excited about the title.

The Cacique’s next rival will be Everton de Viña del Mar for the twenty-first date of the competition. The albos have already beaten the routers on two occasions: as a visitor 2-0 on the fourth round of the championship and they repeated the score in the final of the Chile Cup. Which is why they hope to score 3 points in this new challenge.

In the monumental they are excited to have a great day and increase the difference at the end of date 21. This is because some of their rivals will face each other. Audax Italiano, second in the table with 34 points, will face Unión La Calera, who marches in fourth position with 32 units. Unión Española will receive the University of Chile in Santa Laura, both teams add the same score, 30 points, and will have to lose points to each other. Finally, Catholic University must travel to the Maule Region to face Curicó, a difficult redoubt, especially considering the rise in performance of the tortero cast.

Despite the favorable programming, the albos do not trust each other and are clear that they must win the match against the routers to begin to consolidate as the main candidate for the title of champion of the 2021 season.

The match between Colo Colo and Everton de Viña del Mar will be played on Tuesday 14 at 7:00 p.m. at the Monumental stadium.

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