Dating show: “More ass, more breasts”: Body shaming on “Bachelorette”

Abrupt grabbing and misogynist statements: Already in the second episode, “Bachelorette” candidates cross borders.

Anyone who thought society had evolved over the past five years would be bitterly disappointed in the second episode, “The Bachelorette”. From 20 men can Sharon Battiste theirs in Mallorca prince charming choose. Only it appears in this Series not to give to someone like that. At least a certain part still behaves as if there hadn’t been a “Me Too” debate, discussions about the gender pay gap and body shaming.

As soon as you officially move into the so-called man villa a candidate must make it clear: “Please don’t let us all ship into the pool”. The way they sit, bawl and clink glasses makes you lose all hope of sophistication and reminds you of a pup group on Ballermann. There forces are measured, there the area is marked.

Bachelorette 2022: First kiss in the second episode?

This is crowned by Footballer Max Wilschrey, who is invited by Bachelorette Sharon Battiste on their first singles date. As befits their status, there is a scenic flight during which he puts his arm protectively around her. She thinks it’s beautiful, even more beautiful when he later says on land: “I need a lot of love and affection” and dances with her by the pool while the sun goes down.

“From that moment I thought it could be dangerous. Not that you kiss out of a moment of pressure,” she admits. But she felt the tension, would have one kiss perceived as ok. But there wasn’t.

Statements by footballer Max Wilschrey that despise women

Whether a kiss or not, when you watch the two of them like this, you think you have spotted the first favourite. Until he’s back in the men’s villa. “I’m a bit more into curves. She could have a bit more ass and more boobs,” he concludes. He feels sexual not attracted to her. “I have to see if this attraction is still there,” said the 26-year-old. Stunned, you look at your screen and go through the lexicon of swear words in your head.

Luckily, at least one candidate reacted indignantly: “It’s an insult for a woman. It fucks me badly”, like that Emanuel Weissenberger. The recruiter also tells the Bachelorette about it later, but does not name names. “I can’t please everyone, but yes, the conversation is doing something to me,” she reacts and seems visibly unsettled.

Bachelorette: Hassled while dancing after a strip performance

And anyone who thought it couldn’t get any worse will be taught otherwise in the “Night of the Roses”. Fueled by a strip performance by Basti Corste, co-founder and part of the strip show “Sixx Paxx”, candidate Tim Jessen tries to do the same. However, in a far less professional and far more awkward way. Obviously very drunk, he presses his body against The Bachelorette and holds her tight. He probably doesn’t notice that she doesn’t feel well.

“Tim was very in the tender dance mode,” she describes it in a friendly way. Later he gets one anyway rose, with the words: “The way we both danced today was a bit too much. I think it would be good to shift down a gear.”

This is how the first Bachelorette episode was:

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