Daughter’s big revelation in the Eurovision final – the children’s message live

During the Eurovision song contest final, the artist Dotter took the opportunity to go out with great news.

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The Eurovision Song Contest final was full of excitement as it was extremely even at the top before the viewers’ points were awarded.

Sweden was then in second place with 258 points, just behind Great Britain with 283 points.

In the end, however, it turned out that Ukraine had enormous support from the viewers, which led them to victory.

But before that, the European countries handed out their twelve – which country got the highest score from Sweden? Spain. And it was the artist Johanna “Dotter” Jansson who presented Sweden’s points. But she revealed more than just numbers!

Daughter’s child message in Eurovision

In the live broadcast, she held her hand on her stomach and said:

– It’s me and my little tot.

In other words – she and her boyfriend Dino Medanhodzics are expecting a baby!

In the song “Little tot” which she and Dino released last year, she sings to her future child.

– I have dreamed of becoming a mother since I was 17. But based on the thoughts that go into the song, maybe you should think about adopting as well. What is really most important, that a child who already exists has a family, or the purely selfish in having a child of his own? Since I was little, I have thought that I will adopt a child from every continent, she has previously told Aftonbladet.

But now, after over ten years together, they are expecting an increase! Congratulations!

Photo: TT

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