David Duchovny would be interested in a new revival of The X-Files

The cult series of the 90s, which ran for nine seasons, was back in the limelight in 2016 with a revival that divided the fanbase. Despite the mixed reactions, especially regarding the season 11 finale, David Duchonvy has stated that he would be interested in taking part in new episodes.

X-Files, David Duchovny would be interested in a new revival

Interviewed on the microphones of Yahoo Entertainment the well-known actor, who on the show played FBI agent Fox Mulder, stated: “I’m always ready for more stories in the world of The X-Files and I think many underestimate the visionary skills of the creator, Chris Carter.. Someone sent me a video of Joel McHale from an episode we made in 2016 and it is a great description of the situation we are in six years later ”.

David then said that if the opportunity arose and Carter wanted to write more, he would listen to it without batting an eye. Of course there should be an interesting story on the table for the fans and his character, but he would be open to discussing it.

Conversely, diametrically opposite reaction that of his stage partner Gillian Anderson, known for the role of Dana Scully. The actress had openly criticized her character’s arc in recent seasons, leaving her past behind. But that’s not all, because she admitted she was the victim of mini-breakdowns from the show.

The X-Files stars two FBI agents whose activity is characterized by investigating particular cases of a paranormal nature, which recall various sub-themes of horror cinema and science fiction, including legendary creatures, conspiracy theories, genetic mutations, extrasensory perceptions, psychokinesis, artificial intelligence, UFOs and aliens.

The series was broadcast by Fox from 10 September 1993 to 19 May 2002 and subsequently from 24 January 2016 to 21 March 2018. Over the years it has become a real TV cult.

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