David Jaffe really hates the difficulty level in Kena, Metroid and Returnal

Davis Jaffe is best known as the creator of games such as Twisted Metal and God of War. Although he left Sony in 2007 and failed to achieve any major commercial success after that, he has nevertheless remained an interesting voice in the gaming industry with creative titles and opinions that are not always mainstream.

And now he’s on the move again, and this time he’s really angry at the level of difficulty in many modern games, which he thinks scares away players. He twitter:

“Kena, Metroid, Returnal; all leading the march towards super challenging games.Maybe it’s NES generation coming into their own as designers but I fucking HATE THIS shit. And it’s not an age thing;I NEVER liked it.But it wasn’t so rampant. It’s like devs WANT to push Players away.”

Do you like really difficult games, or does Jaffe have a good score and super challenging titles are something that can easily disappear?

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