Day of promotion of the rights of trans people

Day of promotion of the rights of trans people

Feca Klaus, in dialogue with Filo.Newsexposes that access to education is a right that is violated, especially school adaptation. He expresses that “it is not difficult to be trans at school for us, as an individual person. It is difficult to be trans at school, outside, for our classmates, for our teachers who may treat you differently”.

Another violated right that Feca mentions is access to health: “It is very difficult to find doctors who treat us as equals” and he stresses that it is not easy to avoid all kinds of prejudices.

Regarding the workplace, in June 2021 the Formal Employment Law for Transvestites, Transsexuals and Transgender People was enacted, which establishes that “transvestites, transsexuals and transgender people, who meet the suitability conditions, must hold positions in the national public sector in a proportion not less than 1% of the total positions”.

However, Feca mentions that this law is not fulfilled: “Since everything is so complicated, in health, education, society; having a job is very difficult”.

Feca highlights that it is important to talk about this so that trans people and the entire LGBITQ+ community can have access to these rights and, above all, to a dignified life.

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