Dayanita breaks when greeting Father’s Day: “It’s hard for me to say I love you dad”

Dayanita had a hard emotional time giving her greetings for Father’s Day at JB on ATV. The comic actress recalled that she did not share many good times with her parents and on the contrary, her mother was a father and mother to her.

All members of JB on ATV they made their greetings for Father’s Day; However, Dayanita moved the audience by being speechless at the beginning of his message.

It was thanks to the encouragement of her peers that the comic actress was able to start with her words. “I know that it is a very special day for all dads. I never had the opportunity to share my dad…”stated

TROME|Dayanita is touched by Father’s Day greeting (JB on ATV)

“I know it makes it hard for me to say I love you Dad. I know that you take care of her from above, you protect me and every time I feel alone, I always ask you to take me and tell you that I cannot be here because of so many things that I have gone through in my life.he added.

Let us remember that a few months ago, Dayanita was suspected of being the father of a minor in the jungle. The minor even came to Lima to have a DNA test done; fact that generated great expectation in public opinion.

Despite the fact that Dayanita was very excited to be the father of the minor, finally the results of the exam showed that he was not the father of the minor. Despite this, the member of JB in ATV.

During JB’s broadcast on ATVother members of the popular comedy program also offered their words of greeting to their parents and all the viewers of the well-known Saturday space.


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