DC clarifies origin of vibranium equivalent metal in new US HQ

Carried mainly by the heroes of Thanagar Hawkman and Hawkwoman, the nth metal is basically the DC equivalent of vibranium, that is, a material full of incredible and mysterious properties. In the magazine Are You Afraid of Darkseid?, published in the US, the publisher finally gives more clues about the element.

Attention: spoilers to follow!

In the story written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing and illustrated by Jesus Hervas, Kid Flash tells a story about how the Phantom Avenger became involved in many stories across the universe. With a cosmic ladder on which he summons people to “come home”, the mysterious character tells where the nth metal came from.

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He says something about him being associated with the thanagarians and the element is called “metal from heaven”. He visits a blacksmith who makes an nth metal blade of great power, and Avenger arrives at the scene saying that “God had called his metal back”.

Saying that the blacksmith “called himself enth, which in his mother tongue meant infinite”, the narration makes sense of the strange name “Nth” (as it is called in English), as the substance was originally thought to be linked to the idea of ​​being a “ninth” metal.

Are You Afraid of Darkseid page? (Image: Playback/DC)

Further adding that “in him he found all things,” Venger’s narration alludes to the idea that the very nature of metal could allow him to tap into the multiversal energies of reality, which kind of justifies his great power and abilities.

Like vibranium, Nth metal is extremely strong, durable and a little rare, but it also has more powers than its counterpart from the competing publisher, such as protecting its user from deadly environmental conditions, absorbing energy, morphing according to the situation. , protect against magic and even bend reality if used correctly.

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