DC: Liechee and her perfect Supergirl cosplay will be your kryptonia

Day by day there are more girls who dare to be part of the world of cosplaythese girls, are dedicated to giving us incredible versions of some of our favorite characters, whether from anime, comics, video games or almost anything you can imagine around the world, that’s why we put them together for you, so that Enjoy as much variety as possible.

We have found a photo shoot, where one of our favorite cosplayers, gives us a perfect cosplay version of how she should look super girl in real life, and the results are simply amazing, since not only does she look divine, but also her heroine attitude, manages to be reflected in each of her photographs and definitely, this powerful girl who could become your kryptonite.

His name is liecheeand you can find it in his Instagram official @lie_cheewhere it has more than 136 thousand followers and loads of awesome cosplay skins, where mostly the girl designs them from scratch, creating great perfect skins of some of your favorite characters.

Apparently, this cosplayer likes to have a wide variety in her repertoire of characters, since we could see that she not only makes characters from comics, but also from series, movies and even some video games, she is a versatile artist and is not afraid of show your style so that your followers can enjoy the great results, since their results are usually very aesthetic, thanks to the high quality of their work.

On this occasion, he decided to introduce us to Kara Zor-Elbetter known as super girlwhere we think the uniform makes her look great.

lieshowing off her blonde hair with some light waves and wearing the one-piece uniform uniting a long-sleeved blouse in a blue tone, with the S logo in the center, a red skirt, a gold belt and a red cape, as well as some boots also in a red tone, and it just looks fantastic.

This is how the beautiful cosplayer shows us her best version of the powerful girl from Krypton, where we can see her show us how a super girl should look in real life. We hope this cosplayit has been to your liking, we will continue uploading interesting content from this and other cosplayers, so please, continue on eGamesNews.

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