De Luca highlighted Morales’ role in Colo Colo

The center-forward position is one of the most sought-after in the history of football. A man from the area, with the ability to open closed defenses is increasingly difficult to find, especially in Chilean football and there are not few who long for the nineties where great scorers passed through our tournament. One of them: Carlos Gustavo de Luca.

El Pelao de Luca, as he was known, had a long journey through Chilean clubs where he always fought to be the top scorer in the National Championship, an achievement he achieved in 1988 at Deportes La Serena. In 1992 he arrived in Colo Colo, where he won the Recopa Sudamericana in Japan.

In conversation with Dale Albo, he referred to the current situation of the center-forward in the world with a harsh analysis. “There are not many 9s like there used to be. You know what happens too, there is a lot of pressure, you have to take the pressure of always having to score goals. I considered myself a better player for statistics than for the eyes, I was not a showy player, in the previous championships 30 games were played and I was between 18 and 22 goals per tournament “he began by saying.

“I do not understand the coaches, they are successful, but because they have everything, but I do not understand Guardiola’s way of playing, he arrives at the top thousands of times and they return because they have no one to give the ball to. The nines that I like, there are worldwide, not much in Argentina, there are not many in Chile. I like Lukaku, Kane, Haaland, Lewandowski, for me they are the four 9s that as a technician I would not let someone of those characteristics have. An area striker cannot be absent, he gives me a solution. There are players like Agüero who are extraordinary, but they have other conditions “added.

To complement saying that “I like the big 9, from the area that is punished with the centrals, later on the wings a lot is played now, but always with a center forward”, he expressed.

To then refer to the moment of Colo Colo and highlight the role of a midfielder and scorer. “Colo Colo had a bad time, but now he has come back. A couple of important players came to him: Gil is a good player, he did very well in the midfield, a scorer like Morales came out, who did very well for the team and lifted “, he assured.

Carlos Gustavo de Luca with Bichi Borghi.

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