De Mendiguren, after the latest government measures: "We’re desperate for dollars"

The Secretary of Industry and Productive Development said that they are evaluating the possibility of asking industrialists to launder dollars to import

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09/23/2022 – 2:56 p.m.

De Mendiguren, after the latest government measures: "We are desperate for dollars"

The Secretary of Industry and Productive Development, Jose Ignacio de Mendigurenspoke after the meeting he held with the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) and admitted that “the government is desperate for dollars“, while noting that “the possibility of using undeclared dollars for industrial imports is being studied.”

The official assured that in recent months there were sectors of the economic power that sought to “forge a devaluation and generate uncertainty”, although he warned that now, after the stabilization of some economic variables, “the doubts were cleared“.

Through AM750, De Mendiguren announced that the Government is studying money laundering for the industrial sector. Faced with the specific question, he replied: “It is being studied.”

And he added: “We studied it (the eventual money laundering) because we are desperate for dollars. That is why our stabilization plan proposes to generate them and maintain the purchasing power of the salary”.

In this sense, he recalled that “the industrialists asked for ‘stability’ and to achieve it, everyone needs to contribute. To achieve it, if you don’t help me with the prices we can not have stability. To seek stability is everyone’s responsibility, including the opposition.”

On the other hand, he highlighted the meetings with the UIA. “There was an interesting interaction with (Daniel) Funes de Rioja. “We have to arbitrate the interests that exist in meetings like the ones we had,” he said.


De Mendiguren announced that the Government is studying money laundering for the industrial sector

De Mendiguren: “We are desperate for dollars”

In the case of Funes de Rioja, “Vasco” explained that the conversations revolved around the price issue. “I almost don’t ask him because I know the answer: ‘that the world crisis, that the price makers'”.

Previously in statements to Radio Provincia, he said that there is a record of “40 thousand SMEs alive thanks to the measures taken in 2020 and 2021“, and highlighted the meeting held by the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, with the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA).

The official said that currently “there are companies that receive special attention, as happened in the pandemic,” and stressed that, “in these difficult times, contributions must be made that have to do with serious behavior in terms of prices.”

Regarding the values ​​of the textile industry, he said that “practically yesterday all the brands in the country agreed to freeze prices,” and that this is because “there is an extra to give.”

“Massa informs me every day how each sector works, the prices, the costs. We still have a long way to go, inflation is one of the most worrying issuesthat does not mean that we get rid of the bond, but it must be said that there is a very strong international inflation, almost all developed countries have the highest inflation since the Second World War”, he commented.

In this regard, he added: “This had to do with the fact that in the pandemic crisis none of these countries dropped the level of activity, injected the necessary pesos or dollars to maintain the level of activity; today we have the living SMEs that they would not be alive if measures had not been taken,” he said.

Regarding yesterday’s meeting with the management of the manufacturing entity in which the issues under analysis were the way to guarantee the dollars for the purchase of intermediate goodsthe question of prices and the way to increase the competitiveness of the sector, Mendiguren expressed: “Massa was very clear, he showed knowledge, it was a very extensive meeting, structural and economic issues were discussed and projections were made”.

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