De Tezanos against the arrival of Orellana: “That money spent on 9”

Colo Colo lives a quiet moment in the National Championship. Leader in the standings and showing a great soccer level, the albos are the main candidates to win the title. However, as usual in a large club, the demands and demands that arise in each pass market, stress, by the minute, the managerial environment.

The most discussed topic in recent hours has to do with the search for a replacement for Martín Rodríguez and a center forward. In this sense, Gustavo Quinteros has been clear with the leadership, demanding the arrival of Fabián Orellana on any name and once the incorporation of the historical is sealed, just go in search of a center forward.

The technician’s request has delayed the incorporation of Brazilian striker, Diogo de Oliveira, who currently plays at the Plaza Colonia in Uruguay. This situation has not only generated reactions within Blanco y Negro, but also in the media, where Manuel de Tezanos was emphatic when evaluating the possible incorporation of Orellana.

“I don’t know why they are going to look for him having players that are good on the outside. If you are going to spend that money, spend it on 9, which is what is missing. Even Iván Morales could open up “, said the journalist in Sports in Agriculture.

Fabián Orellana is Quinteros’ obsession | Photo: archive

To later state that “If I am going to spend that money, I would spend it on a player that the squad does not have. To play outside he has Bolados, Solari, Costa, Joan Cruz ”, added.

For this Thursday a new board meeting of Blanco y Negro is scheduled, where decisions will be made regarding the incorporation of reinforcements for the second round of the National Championship.

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