Dead by Daylight x Resident Evil DLC reveals its characters

The present day Behavior Interactive, revealed the first details about the new DLC of resident Evil for Dead by Daylightcodenamed “Project W”and has confirmed the iconic characters that will be added to multiplayer.

That’s right, as players speculated after the DLC’s name was revealed in May, Albert Wesker will be the new Assassin added every time this new chapter is released, in addition to Rebecca Chambers Y Ada Wong oppose Wesker on the Survivor side, so far the perks for character skill and Wesker are yet to be defined, but are expected to be detailed soon when the chapter heads to the test servers.

You’ll see, Project W always indicated that Wesker would be the killer candidate for this chapter, but leaks just before the reveal shared a more direct look at the content and Behavior’s plans for him, so within this DLC it marks the first time the game revisits a licensed property for a second chapter, making Dead by Daylight’s portrayal of Resident Evil better than any other previously licensed franchise.

Now, with the addition of these three characters, we have Nemesis, Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, Rebecca Chambers, and Albert Wesker, and for those Resident Evil fans waiting for the reveal of the new DLC, the deal could get even better knowing how the previous chapter of Resident Evil was handled within the game.

Well skins were released for Survivors to add Redfields to the game so theoretically the same could be done with Ada and Rebecca to add more characters to the game that’s why during the event Behavior Beyondin which the downloadable content was previewed, some of Wesker’s powers and character advantages were discussed.

Wesker is believed to have the ability to run and charge into Survivors and have an infection-type move in keeping with Resident Evil themes, while the Raccoon City Police Department map will also receive a quality of life update, although not no new map will be released.

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