Deadpool knows how to finish off Thor once and for all

The Marvel comics universe has had great moments, and one of its characters has had a great quest through his tomes to kill everyone in the Marvel Universe, that is Deadpool, who finally appears to have figured out the perfect way to take out Thor, this action requiring surprisingly little effort on the anti-hero’s part.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!—->>>>
If you’re not into comics or haven’t read Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again #1 by Marvel Comics, continue reading at your own risk.

This has been revealed in Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again #1 of marvel comicswhere the mercenary eliminated not only Thor but to many gods using Medusa’s head to turn them into stone, this is how he broke the fourth wall and made the gods seem surprisingly weak, as it should be remembered that Deadpool has killed the Marvel Universe on some occasions, with miniseries like Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Deadpool Kills Deadpool, Deadpool Killlustrated, and Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again, and now decided to slaughter Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

So while he displayed his more violent nature by not holding back against his opponents, so when Deadpool encountered Thor and his fellow gods, including Hercules, Loki Y Ganeshturned the powers of another god against them, killing the God of Thunder and all the deities in a perfect way.

Now Deadpool was still controlled by MOD OKso he believes that the gods are actually playing beach volleyball, not chasing him, which leads him to get a ball, which in real life is the head of jellyfishso looking at Medusa’s head, Thor and the gods turn to stone, showing the perfect way to kill the God of Thunder.

Now while Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again isn’t canon to the main Marvel Universe, the comic still shows the perfect way to kill Thor, but nothing stops Deadpool or another hero or villain from using Medusa’s head to turn the gods in stone, this fact would not even need special rules or cosmic coincidences to take place, so if the real Deadpool could kill Thor if he decided.

For even though Thor is a powerhouse in the world of Marvel Comics, if Deadpool ever needed to take down the God of Thunder, he has the perfect way to kill the Avenger, same plot that could even work for a Deadpool movie with Thor from Chris Hemsworth.

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