Deal tip with FOCUS online – goodbye to back pain: save up to 100 percent of the costs with fitness child

Deal tip with FOCUS online: goodbye to back pain: save up to 100 percent of the costs with a fitness child

Friday, 05.08.2022, 13:14

According to a report by the RKI, 60 percent of Germans have suffered from back pain in the last 12 months. In view of the home office and the associated lack of exercise, this is not surprising. With online prevention courses from Fitnesskind, you can prevent back pain in a targeted manner – and with a discount and the health insurance company covering the costs, you can save up to 100 percent.

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Strengthen your health: With the online courses from Fitnesskind

Online training has not only been a popular alternative to fitness studios since Corona, as the many new providers such as Peleton or Apple Fitness plus show. The advantages are apparent. Anytime, anywhere targeted training can be carried out.

A special form of online training are so-called ” certified online prevention courses “. They deal with a specific health issue and participants receive financial support from statutory health insurance companies.

Fitnesskind prevention course against back pain 10 percent cheaper

Are you looking for an online prevention course for your back? This is our recommendation holistic functional back training of the provider

To do this, register with the course Functional holistic back training with strength exercises and stretch the course fee first of all. The course normally costs 119 euros, with our exclusive discount code you save 10 percent here and can book the course for 107.10 euros. Just the Promo code Focus10 Enter it in the corresponding field in the shopping cart and ten percent of the costs will be deducted.

Access is activated for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. After that, you must have attended at least eight units for the course to be considered completed and registered by Fitnesskind Certificate of Participation can be issued. The certificate is then given to the health insurance company for a up to 100 percent subsidy submitted.

The course includes 8 units of 45 minutes each via video, participant documents for back training to download and a small quiz at the end of each exercise in which you can test your knowledge of the topic.

All 8 units must be completed to successfully complete the course. The course can as soon as possible in 8 weeks and at the latest in 12 weeks be completed in the event that you have to sit out due to illness or other reasons. In addition, Fitnesskind promises to motivate you in such a way that you stay on the ball until the end of the training and it says to you: “Never again back!”.

Please note : This course has been developed for healthy participants and should only be carried out after consultation with a doctor in the event of symptoms.

Your online prevention course from Fitnesskind in detail:

  • 8 units (1x per week) Functional holistic back training with strength exercises via on-demand video with influencer Victoria Jancke and Graduate sports scientist Olaf Peters
  • live queries to the sports scientist possible
  • Costs: With exclusive discount code 107.10 euros instead of 119 euros – the course is certified according to § 20 SGB V and therefore up to 100 percent reimbursed by health insurance !
  • Accessible everywhere via mobile phone, laptop, desktop PC or smart TV
  • Instantly within 5 minutes start
  • Included Download learning material to each exercise with expertise on a healthy back

Online prevention course by Fitnesskind:
Tested and certified by the Central Prevention Testing Center (ZPP)

Real prevention courses are certified and thus recognized by the statutory health insurance companies. All concepts, prevention courses and course instructors from Fitnesskind GmbH have been tested by the Central Prevention Testing Center (ZPP) in accordance with § 20 SGB V and are certified with the “German Standard Prevention Seal of Approval” certified.

The ZPP awards this seal of approval as certification for prevention courses that recognized by the statutory health insurance companies are. The ZPP thus fulfills the task of checking the course centrally and saves the participating health insurance companies from having to check them individually.

How does health insurance reimbursement work?

they have one guaranteed claim the course Functional holistic back training with strength exercises to be reimbursed by the statutory health insurance. Reimbursement is usually included 75-100 percent of the total course fee. First, advance the course fee. After you have completed the course, you will receive a certificate of participation and an invoice from Fitnesskind.

Both documents must be submitted to the health insurance company and are usually within 4 weeks reimbursed. The health insurance companies usually approve two prevention courses per calendar year or one course per six months.

Fitness kid will send you one detailed instructions so that the effort is as low as possible, and is of course always available for questions.

Since the amount of reimbursement varies, we ask that you contact your health insurance company if you are in doubt.

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