Death at 27 of Gleycy Correia, former Miss Brazil and influencer

A few days after her procedure, the beauty queen experienced massive bleeding as well as a heart attack which left her in a coma for two months.

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A tonsil removal is a routine operation, and yet. This June 20, Gleycy Correia lost his life there. At 27, this ex-Miss Brazil elected in 2018 had everything to be happy until a tragedy occurred in her life. While she was to undergo a simple tonsil operation, the young woman, originally from Macaé, a city in the state of Rio de Janeiro, finally lost her life there. His funeral took place on Tuesday. A few months after the death of an ex-Miss USA, the world family of Misses is therefore once again bereaved.

A two month coma

“She had surgery to remove her tonsils and after five days at home she had a hemorrhage. She went to the hospital and did cardiac arrest April 4. Since then she was in a coma, with no neurological activity, and today she passed away.”explained the priest close to the family of Gleycy Correia to the British newspaper The Mirror this Monday. The operation, which took place in a private hospital, therefore left her in a coma for more than two months. Since her election as Miss Brazil, Gleycy had gained notoriety and become an influencer, specializing in all things permanent makeup.

Prayers from the public

Very religious, Gleycy received support from other believers during her coma. From the beginning, live prayers were organized regularly from the entrance of the hospital. Tributes organized by Pastor Jak Abreu, well known on Brazilian social networks, who said he hoped for a miracle. This Monday, the day Gleycy Correia died, he wrote on his profile: “God chose this day to get our princess back. We know the pain will be immense but she will now light up the sky with her smile! To all who prayed, thank you very much. May the Lord reward each prayer of love and all these days spent together! She fulfilled her purpose and left behind a legacy of love! We ask for your prayers for family and friends that the Holy Spirit will bring them comfort during this difficult time.” Brazilian Civil Police opened an investigation to shed light on this death.

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