Deathloop is updated: a sea of ​​news and additions with the free expansion Goldenloop

At the same time as the official launch of Deathloop on Xbox Series X / S we will also see the arrival of Goldenloop, a free update so full of news, additions and improvements that it can be considered as a real expansion of the original Arkane Lyon shooter.

With the Goldenloop update, in fact, the French subsidiary of the Xbox Game Studios will expand the playful and content perimeter of Deathloop thanks to a healthy injection of additional features, starting with the introduction of the PvP cross-play matchmaking between players on Xbox Live, Steam, Epic Store, Microsoft Store and PlayStation Network. Those who wish can still disable cross-play matchmaking or limit it only to players who use a controller or mouse-keyboard combination.

Among the novelties of Goldenloop we mention the addition ofEscape skill (with which to throw bullets that slow down and confuse the enemy on duty), of the AUTA prototype weapon (a direct energy rifle that pierces enemies with a laser beam) and of the unprecedented type of enemy Bomber Artist (of opponents who ‘paint’ the streets of Blackreef with explosives).

Also through Goldenloop we will see the introduction of four new enhancements for Julianna’s Camouflage ability, 19 “2 in 1” dog tags to combine the skills of existing dog tags and a extended endingin addition to other surprises that we will discover only by installing the Deathloop Goldenloop Update starting tomorrow, Tuesday 20 September, on PC, PlayStation 5 and from day one on Xbox Series X / S and Game Pass.

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