Deaths, crashes and robberies, the balance of the long weekend in Saltillo for National Holidays

In just three days, during the long weekend for the National Holidays, Saltillo and its surrounding highways were the scene of multiple accidents, as well as hit-and-runs, robberies, and various crashes.

A motorcyclist heading for the apple fair died after being hit on state highway 112 San Antonio de las Alazanas, in Arteagafor a car and a truck that were on the run.


$!The motorcyclist was hit by a truck and a car, which fled.

The motorcyclist was hit by a truck and a car, which fled.

The events occurred on Friday around 11:30 am, the motorcyclist was identified as Miguel López. The accident was captured on video, so those responsible are already being sought.

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On Sunday, September 18, Juan Martínez Zenos, a Medical Emergency Technician at the Saltillo Regional Unit for Federal Roads and Bridges (Capufe), died after being hit by a trailer and later falling into a ravine.


$!Capufe mourned the loss of his item and sent condolences to the family.

Capufe mourned the loss of his element and sent condolences to the family.

The accident happened while the Capufe element was flagging a previous incident on Highway 57 in the “Los Chorros” section. The trailer that hit the paramedic fled the site.

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$!The body of the paramedic was taken to the Jardines Los Pinos pantheon.

The body of the paramedic was taken to the Jardines Los Pinos pantheon.

Another highway incident took place in the Saltillo-Monterrey highway. The operator of a trailer crashed into the embankment at kilometer 30 and blocked the road towards Nuevo León for two hours at dawn on Sunday. No injuries were reported.


$!The trailer blocked the road and delayed the opening to circulation.

The trailer blocked the road and delayed the opening to traffic.

In Saltillo, an 11-year-old minor was run over by a taxi in the María de Jesús Cavazos neighborhood after skipping the stop on a road that he crossed on his bicycle.

The minor was transferred in serious condition to the Maternal and Child Hospital, where he is still being treated. At the time, the taxi driver fled the scene and later turned himself in to take responsibility for medical expenses.

Also in critical condition was Omar Castellanos, an operator of the Tupy company, after having suffered an electric shock on one of the production lines last Sunday. The man was taken to a private clinic north of the city.


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crashes and robberies

In the middle of the holiday, the robbery was reported in an electronic tools business called Typsa, located in the north of Saltillo. The thieves broke the glass and stole drills that are sold in the trade.


In road accidents, a motorcyclist collided head-on with a taxi in the Mirasierra neighborhood, leaving no serious injuries.

A private ambulance collided with a vehicle on Antonio Cárdenas Boulevard. Despite having the turrets and sirens on, the driver of a Mazda did not notice the unit and the impact occurred.

$!The ambulance was struck by a Mazda vehicle.

The ambulance was hit by a Mazda vehicle.

On the other hand, the driver of the Mercado Libre parcel caused an accident against another car in the Miguel Hidalgo neighborhood after passing the stop. It happened early Saturday morning, at 2:30 a.m.


Although both drivers had reached an agreement, the parcel driver chose to flee the site and abandoned the unit.

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$!The Mercado Libre driver fled the scene.

The Mercado Libre driver fled the scene.

At least four more car accidents occurred in Periférico Luis Echeverría, Boulevard Venustiano Carranza and Colonia Morelos.


*With information from Ulises Martínez, Christopher Vanegas and Juan Francisco Valdés.

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