Debate over decision to remove the FARC from the list of criminal organizations

Annete Taddeo, Democratic Senator, speak on the announcement to withdraw at Farc from his list of terrorist groups, and stated that it is “outrageous” and that he contacted the Biden administration to publicize your position on the issue.

“I am outraged because I am a person who ran away from Colombia for so many problems they caused in the last. They took over our farm and my father was fighter pilot“, he commented Taddeo.

On the other hand, the distinction of one group versus the other party that is complying is a dangerous message for USA.

“It’s a personal reason, but I think safety is very important to USA and in other countries. In Chile and Brazil the situation is very difficult. I am concerned about the message that is being sent, “he reiterated.


The ‘Nueva Marquetalia’ and other groups that make up the dissidents were included in the list of Criminal organizations.

Listen to the full interview on Caracol Radio.

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